Underwriting Shares

Share Underwriting is another function of the merchant banking.As of current regulation it is compulsory for underwriting of the shares in the Initial Public Offering. Till date,Sunrise Capital has perform the role of underwritting shares of 33 companies.

S.No. Name of the Companies
1 Asian Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
2 CEDB Hydro Fund Ltd
3 Century Commercial Bank Limited
4 Chilime Hydro Power Co.Ltd.
5 Civil Bank Limited
6 Country Development Bank Ltd.
7 Himalaya Finance Ltd.
8 International Development Bank Ltd.
9 Jebils Finance Limited
10 Kabeli Bikas Bank Ltd.
11 Kamana Bikas Bank Ltd.
12 Kastamandap Development Bank Ltd
13 Mahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd
14 Manakamana Development.Bank Ltd.
15 Manjushree Financial Institution Ltd.
16 Mercantile Finance Ltd.
17 Metro Development Bank Ltd.
18 Multipurpose Finance Ltd.
19 Nerude Laghu bitta Bikas Bank Ltd.
20 Nilgiri Bikas Bank Ltd
21 NMB Bank(Common Stock) Ltd
22 Prime Life Insurance Co.Ltd.
23 Public Development Bank Ltd.
24 Rajdhani Investment Fund Ltd.
25 Reliance Finance Limited
26 Sanima Mai Hydropower Limited
27 Tinau Bikas Bank Ltd.
28 Tourism Development Bank Ltd.
29 Udhyam Bikas Bank Ltd.
30 Unique Financial Institution Ltd.
31 Valley Finance Ltd.
32 Western Development Bank Ltd.
33 Zenith Finance Ltd.