Merchant Banking

Sunrise Capital as a Merchant Banker helps in channelizing the financial surplus of the general public into productive investment avenues.We will be working on the management of mutual funds, public issues, trusts, securities and international funds.Moreover,we will be dealing with the corporate clients and advising them on various issues like- mergers, acquisitions, public issues, etc.

Mutual Fund

Sunrise Capital Limited, fund manager and depository for Sunrise Mutual Fund, is floating 10crore units of fresh equity shares from 8th Ashoj,2076 under its first scheme named Sunrise First Mutual Fund-a closed ended scheme with a maturity of 10 years. The Investment Policy Statement of the scheme focuses on medium to long term capital appreciation, regular income distribution, moderately high risk profile-principal invested will be at moderately high risk ,and investment on listed securities on stock exchange and other fixed income instruments: fixed deposit, government securities.

Care Ratings Nepal Ltd., has assigned Fund Management Quality Rating (FMQR) AMC 3,which means “adequate assurance on management quality of Assets Management Company (AMC) “to the company.

The scheme is being supervised by five distinguished personalities from different fields. The financial competencies in addition to number of years of work experience of supervisors, is definitely an advantage to help to protect the interest of schemes’ unit holders.
Sunrise Capital Limited, previously entitled as NIDC Capital Market limited before acquisition by Sunrise Bank Ltd,has successfully managed two schemes before namely:NCM First Mutual Fund 2050 and NCM Mutual Fund-2059.The average annual return from NCM Mutual fund-2059 was 45.12%.

Note:Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all the scheme related documents carefully before investment

Portfolio Management

In today’s fast moving world it is not at all possible or prudent to do all personal investments on your own. One can't keep pace with the quick moving markets and data stream on an everyday premise. This is where a Portfolio Manager like Sunrise Capital comes into the picture. Sunrise Capital Portfolio Management team keeps track of the markets on a daily basis and has at its disposal a lot of information and analytical tools which an investor would not normally have access to.
Sunrise Capital’s PMS services offer a range of tailor-made solutions to suit every portfolio size and investment objective. Sunrise Capital offers broad services under its portfolio management services, namely:

·         Discretionary,

·         Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management Services and

·         Custodial Services

1.      Discretionary Portfolio Management Services:

 Under Discretionary, Sunrise Capital’s Portfolio Management team will develop Client’s Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and under these IPS guidelines, the team will solely manage the funds of the clients. Sunrise Capital offers various products based on Discretionary portfolio management services,namely:

 I.      Sunrise Large Cap Portfolio
II.      Sunrise Value Portfolio
III.     Sunrise Multi-Bagger Portfolio
IV.     Sunrise Growth Portfolio
 V.     Sunrise Income Portfolio

2.       Non- Discretionary Portfolio Management Services:

Under these portfolio service, we will be advising our clients on recent market trends and the strategies to be adopted to capitalize the market scenarios.
The choice remains within our customers whether to be in line with the strategies or develop his/her own strategies.
Regardless of whichever strategies s/he wants to work on, we will then work on their behalf to implement those strategies.

3.    Custodial Services:

Although we feel competent enough to manage our portfolio, we have been facing the several issues regarding applying for the Right Shares Issue, collecting the cash dividend, dematerializing the owned securities .Hence, to eliminate those issues and make our customers portfolio work efficiently, we “Sunrise Capital” have started to provide Custodial services so that on behalf of our customers we will be applying for the right shares, collecting the cash dividend and dematerializing the owned securities. Moreover, we will also be notifying our customers on the recent IPO/FPO and the Auctions.


Depository Participants

As a depository participant (DP), SUNRISE Capital will be the intermediary between the depository system (CDS and clearing Ltd.) and our clients. Our depository participant function will provide the link between the company and its clients through the Depository. Our individual clients enrolled in the depository participant services will have a separate account and be entitled as the beneficial owner of that account. Our depository participant services will help individual clients maintain their securities account balances and perform the following functions,
·         Open Beneficial Owner account and maintain separate accounts in the name of each Beneficial Owner
·         Dematerialization and re-materialization of securities by sending them to R&TA
·         Keep record of securities in electronic form
·         Transfer of securities
·         Issue statement of de-mat account 


We have been providing the merchant banking service from the last two decades as NIDC Capital Markets Ltd. After Nepal Rastra Bank issued a directive regarding the set up of a subsidiary company to undertake merchant banking activities to bank and financial institutions, and licensing Act of Securities Board of Nepal, NIDC Capital Markets Limited established a subsidiary company NCM Merchant Banking Limited to provide the merchant banking activities. NCM was licensed on 27th Ashwin, 2067 from Securities Board of Nepal and operating approval on date 9th Kartik 2067 from Company Registrar Office. Our parent NIDC Capital Markets Ltd. has been acquired by Sunrise Bank on 28th Magh, 2073, since then NCM Merchant Banking is a subsidiary of Sunrise Bank Limited.